Job placement

We work closely with several local and interstate trucking companies who employ entry-level truck drivers. Every effort will be made to place our graduates. Upon finishing the course program, graduates are introduced to recruiting firms for job opportunities. We will also continue to help all graduates with career services throughout their careers.
A- 1 is dedicated to helping our graduates find a secure position in one of America’s highest paying professions. Between our great 37 plus years of quality reputation

We are confident we can place our CDL program graduates in a driver position after completing one of our comprehensive programs.

The decision to become an over-the-road truck driver is a very important one, and one that should not be made in haste. This section of our website will attempt to answer your general questions, inform you of your options and point you in the right direction for your career choices.

First, you should obviously find the best school in your area. Of course, we recommend a CVTA member school, and encourage you to read the rest of this section to see why. In addition, just to acclimate yourself, you may want to take a little 10 Question sample test on “General Knowledge” that emulates the platform of most state-run CDL exams. General Knowledge is a category students must learn for both Class A and Class B licenses.

Next, you may want to know if you should seek a “Company Paid CDL” or if you should pay for the CDL training yourself. Another common question is: “How much money will I make?” The answers to this question are found in our FAQ section, but you should know that the trucking industry offers income opportunities that are well above those offered by other industries for which you train. It is possible for you to complete a relatively short training program and start earning up to $40,000 per year, according to ATA (American Trucking Association). But this figure is just a starting figure. There are many truck drivers earning well over one hundred thousand per year.

As a professional driver, you will encounter a lifestyle that will likely be different from the one that you have now. In over-the-road driver positions, you will spend large amounts of time a way from home; however, when you are at home, your time will be your own. You should discuss this lifestyle with your family members to ensure everyone understands the demands that your new profession will place on you and them, and begin making preparations for these changes.

You should also know that the best indicator of your future success in the trucking industry is your level of expectation, and the quality of the entry-level training you receive. Quality training at the outset will not only help you get a good job with a good company, it will put you on a faster track to advance into higher income positions such as a driver trainer.

Obviously, you will want to look for trucking schools in your area, but you will also want to take into account the student – teacher ratio, state certification, courses offered, and the percentage of their students that passes the CDL exam. In addition, you will want to review the school’s reputation and ethics. While some of this information will be readily available, how does one check on a school’s ethical accountability? Well, we’ve already done the hard part for you. Every CVTA member must pass a stringent test on course offerings, accountability, and code of ethics. As a matter of fact, 3 out 4 member applications to CVTA are rejected. Be sure to review the CVTA member schools on this website.

After reviewing our list of member schools, taking the short CDL sample test, and reviewing our FAQ, the next step is start asking yourself some tough questions. If you’ve read this far, then you must be serious about a career in trucking. We applaud you on your efforts and encourage you to consider a truck driver training program recognized by CVTA, as we know that our member schools will give you the best shot at being prepared not only for your CDL exam, but for your life after passing the CDL exam as well.